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10 simple techniques to avoid morning stress

 It is very important to have a stress free morning – a day that starts well, ends well. Here are very simple and effective techniques to avoid morning stress.

Create an evening and morning routine
This is a great way to avoid morning stress and feel fresh in the morning. Here are some ideas you can do – put your clothes ready, think about eat you will eat in the morning and find your keys and wallet. These simple preparations will save you time and prevent stress in the morning.
Make a list
Another great way to avoid morning stress is to make a list of all the things you have to do in the morning. Then prioritize and prepare a timetable. Start your morning with the most important tasks. In case you do not manage to do everything, it will not be a morning stress factor, since those things will be with low priority.
Plan a realistic day
Planning ahead is very important if you want to avoid morning stress. Write down or think through everything that has to be done. Do not set unrealistic goals, leave enough time for every activity. Try to schedule also something you love. You will have less morning stress if there is something to look forward to.
Get a good night’s sleep
It is pretty obvious – if you get enough sleep you are not tired and stressed in the morning. Here is a great course that helps you to improve sleep quality.
Drink tea and water in the morning
When you wake up drink a glass of water first thing. A hydrated body is much more efficient.
Instead of coffee, drink green tea. Green tea is a great stress reliever and it helps you to stay calm.
Do some stretching exercises in the shower
Stretching is a great way to release tensions and avoid morning stress. It helps you to start your day feeling more relaxed. Stretching gets your blood flowing and helps your body to wake up. Hot water is helping your muscles to loosen up, so it is easier to get a good stretch. Feeling good physically helps feeling good mentally.Select couple of techniques suggested by relaxation trainer Toomas Õunap and notice the change. See his video course introduction here.
Put some happy music on
Music has been shown to reduce stress overall and have a positive effect on health. Listen to music that makes you happy while you go through your morning routine.
Eat a balanced breakfast
Healthy meal in the morning helps to balance your blood sugar and gives you the strength to overcome any stressful situations. Remember to have plenty of protein and fruit!
Take a morning walk
To avoid morning stress it is wise to plan some time also for morning walk. Walking has many, many health benefits. A morning walk can get you ready for your day. Walking lowers your stress level, and reduces your risk of other health conditions.
Be optimistic

If you believe that you will have a good day ahead, then YOU WILL HAVE A GOOD DAY AHEAD.

How to stay relaxed after vacation

Time after vacation can be rather challenging task. But we all have to do it at least couple of times a year. By following these simple tips, going back to work after vacation will be as easy as going on vacation.

Return to your daily routine slowly
The first days back to work after vacation may feel hard. The best thing you can do is to be positive about returning to work. Here are good tips on how to schedule your first days back.
·         Bring one or two things that can be expected to break the ice – something tasty from your trip.
·         Spend the first few hours at work checking your e-mails and refreshing your memory about unfinished projects.
·         Have a lunch with team members to catch up on matters you might have missed while you were away.
·         Give yourself time to go through your messages to find out what happened while you were away

Don’t fill your calendar on your first day back
Ease into work by doing something easy and simple – something you know you can do. Once you’re fully back, you can go at the tough tasks.
Bring positive vacation reminders
If you traveled and bought something interesting during your vacation, bring it to the office. When you are feeling stressed, you can look at it and cheer up your mind with happy memories.
Relieve muscle tensions with relaxation techniques 
By relieving muscle tensions you also relieve stress. In addition you will be able to avoid negative consequences caused by sitting down too long.
Here are some samples of exercises  and relaxation technique course you can use for stress management in the workplace.
Plan your next vacation
If you plan your next vacation before you get back to work, you have something to look forward to. You will be much more motivated and positive about your work.

10 stress relief tips

Small amount of stress can sharpen your mind, but too much stress can already harm your mental and physical health. Whatever your stress level is, knowing about and practicing stress relaxation techniques can improve your health – both mental and physical.
Learn and practice the following stress relaxation techniques and beat stress before it beats you.
10 stress relaxation techniques and tips
Take a warm bath. This is one of the best from all stress relaxation techniques. A warm bath relaxes your body and mind. If you are feeling stressed, a warm bath can really do wonders.
Take a small nap. Napping has a lot of stress relaxation benefits – it boost your brain power and helps your brain to recover from stressful experience.
Take a long walk out in the wild. First of all, your mind is taking a relaxing break while enjoying the calming effects of nature and water. In addition you will benefit from physical activity. It is a really great way to wipe away all stressful feelings you have.
Listen to music. It is not a secret that music has a lot of relaxing qualities. Put on some soothing music or something you really enjoy and let the music carry you away. Listening to music really is a great way to relieve stress.
Read a good book. Reading a good book will take your mind of from whatever is causing the stress.
Get some stress relaxation exercise. Exercising is one of the best stress relaxation techniques – it is a really great way to deal with any stressful situation. Exercising releases endorphins that will lighten your mood and helps you feel calmer. For more information and detail description with illustrative videos click here.
Take a deep breath. Deep breathing attracts stress directly. Taking couple of deep breaths can really work wonders. Read about deep breathing benefits and deep breathing exercises.
Take small breaks. Quick breaks during the day can be a great help to relieve stress. Take a five minute break and read a magazine, walk around or just look out from the window.
Dry different stress relaxation techniques while driving. There are several things you can do to relieve stress while driving. Here is a great article about stress relaxation techniques you can practice in the car.
Get a massage. Getting a quality massage is highly effective at reducing stress.
What are your favorite stress relaxation techniques? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to know more or see illustrated video of how it exactly works check out our online courseLINK

Physical symptoms of stress in women

Stress symptoms in women and overall can be divided into physical and behavioral. The following are the most common physical symptoms of stress in women.
Physical stress symptoms in women may vary for each individual. The most common ones are lack of sleep, overeating or in many cases also under eating, irregular monthly cycle, headache and lack of energy.
Headache is probably the most common from all physical symptoms of stress in women. Stress causes tension headaches, since it has a negative impact on blood vessels in brain. If you have been through a stressful situation, it is very likely that you will experience tension headaches.
Another major stress symptom in women is insomnia. If you are unable to sleep at night, you may experience headaches and mood changes. See special exercises suggested by relaxation coach T.Õunap here
Major change in eating habits can be a result of stress. Overeating or under eating are sometstresshing that you may unconsciously use to relieve stress.
Lack of energy and increased illnesses are very common physical symptoms of stress in women. . See special exercises suggested by relaxation coach T.Õunap here
 Irregular monthly cycle. Stress affects hormone levels and upsets the balance in the reproductive system.
Very often women experience also the following physical symptoms of stress:
·         High blood pressure
·         Difficulty in breathing and chest tightness
·         Loss of sexual interest
·         Rashes and skin diseases may be observed

8 stress relief tips

Many people have asked us to write about quick stress relief tips. So  here they are – 8 quick stress relief tips that you can use to relieve stress NOW. It does not matter, weather you are at work or at home, most of the quick stress relief tips are immediately usable.

Do not face your problem alone – call a friend
Most probably you have your mobile phone with you all the time. One of the easiest and quickest way to relieve stress is to call a friend. Taking a break to call a friend will help you to get your mind off stressful things and remind you that you don’t have to face the world alone.
Close your eyes and use imagination
Gently let the world disappear. Imagine the world inside your mind. By using imagination you can look at the situation from different point of view. Taking couple of deep breaths makes it even better.
Just smile
Smiling is easy, free and very effective for stress relief. Smiling makes you feel calmer and more relaxed in a matter of seconds.
Hug or kiss someone
Possibly the most effective way to instantly decrease stress, don’t be shy with hugs! It may sound silly but try it and watch your troubles disappear! If you have your better half with you, then kissing is also a great way to relieve stress quickly. Kissing unleashes chemicals that reduce anxiety and increase feelings of euphoria.
Find peace in watching the clouds
Look up in the sky and stare at clouds. Look at their different shapes and movements. Clouds on a nice day are one of the most peaceful and stress free things you can imagine.
Squeeze something
You can take a stress ball or something else that will not break. Squeezing releases muscle tensions and relieve stress.
Play a computer or video game
You probably spend most of your time behind the computer. A few minutes of simple and entertaining computer game will relieve stress and tensions in your mind. It takes your mind off from whatever is bothering you.
Make a cup of tea
This is one of the quickest ways to relieve stress. Chamomile tea is a great choice if you want to relieve stress.
Relieve muscle tensions with relaxation techniques you have probably never thought of

By relieving muscle tensions you also relieve stress. In addition you will be able to avoid negative consequences caused by sitting down too long.

Here are some simple  exercises you can use for stress managementin the workplace.

Quick stress relievers at work

It is no secret, that work can cause stress. If you want to avoid or at least minimize work related stress, it is suggested that you use stress relievers at work. Stress relievers at work are like breaths of fresh air. They give you additional energycalm your mind and sharpen your brain.
In this article, you will find a fine selection of ideas about what to use as stress relievers at work.
Great and instant stress relievers at work
Stress balls help you to relieve tensions
Stress balls are really simple and good stress relievers you can use at work. To achieve progressive relaxation, you have to breathe deeply while squeezing the stress ball. By squeezing and releasing the stress ball, you relieve tensions from all the muscles of your body. Squeezing the stress ball has also another stress relief effect – it gives your mind something else to do and clears your mind from stressful thoughts.
Stress balls may also help in the prevention or treatment of carpal-tunnel syndrome. We suggest some special treatment exercises of carpal-tunnel syndrome from relaxation coach Toomas Õunap. Relaxation Techniques course can be found here.
Sounds of nature help to escape from work related stress
Sounds of nature cannot be ignored when talking about good stress relievers at work. Put on your headphones and listen to the sounds of forest or sea. Nature sounds create a calm, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to escape from the work related stress. The sounds of nature are the ultimate stress relief for most people. The soothing sounds of nature are also a great way to silence distractive and disruptive outside noises.
Stress relief games can be good stress relievers at work
Stress relief games work in the way very similar to meditation and yoga. When you play a game, you are focusing on the sounds, visuals and goals – not on the stressful thoughts. All your attention goes to the game and lets your brain to rest from stress.
Here are some games that work well as stress relievers at work:
·         The word games, like crosswords, are considered as the best games for stress relief.
·         Sudoku, if you love to fiddle with numbers.
·         On-line games, like paint-ball.

Tea has a lot of benefits and stress relief qualities
By drinking tea, you can increase your brain power and improve your mental state. Different teas can be used as excellent stress relievers at work.
·         Tea can help you to relax so you are able to concentrate more on your tasks. Tea calms your mind but at the same time helps you to stay more alert.
·         Tea lowers the chance of having cognitive impairment (green tea).
·         Tea is a great stress reliever (black tea).
·         Tea helps you to overcome tensions, headaches and even insomnia (red tea).
·         In short terms, tea can help you to sharpen your memory.

Relieve muscle tensions with techniques you have probably never thought of

By relieving muscle tensions you also relieve stress. In addition you will be able to avoid negative consequences caused by sitting down too long.
Here are some simple  exercises you can use for stress management in the workplace.

in UDEMY is here

Stress management in office - lunce break tips

Today we will take a closer look to some great ideas about stress management in the office, concentrating on what you can do during your lunch break.

Take a short walk
Walking is an easy and efficient way to clear you head, sort your thoughts out and relieve work stress. Walking is also good for your overall health. The fresh air will give you energy and helps you to stay fresh for the rest of the day. Studies have shown that physical activity during the workday provides the vitality you need to make through. To make walking more interesting, try to find new places in your neighborhood.
Go out for lunch
It is one of the best thing you can do to manage work stress and relax in the middle of the day. To make your lunch break more interesting, try something you would not usually eat. If you can walk there, you have to try it.
Watch a funny video
Most of you probably have YouTube access or maybe even TV in the office. Watching a funny video is definitely one of the easiest ways for stress management in the workplace. Laughter rises your mood and you feel better.
Try meditation and yoga
Yoga and meditation are great for stress management in the workplace. Simple exercises will help you to clear your mind and body from negative thoughts and energy. The best thing is that there are lots of exercises you can do rights from your office chair.

Relieve muscle tensions with relaxation techniques 
By relieving muscle tensions you also relieve stress. In addition you will be able to avoid negative consequences caused by sitting down too long.
Here are some samples of exercises you can use for stress management in the workplace.
Relieve work stress with deep breathing exercises   
Deep breathing is one of the most powerful techniques for stress management overall, including stress management in the workplace.